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Beyond the Sky: Imagine That!

When learners get access to opportunities that allow them to pursue interests, find their learning passions, and develop agency, voice, and influence, we change the impossibilities of school as we have known it to possibilities that we have only dreamed. Continue reading

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To Write is to Make: Reflecting on Paul Oh’s Words

I read a Medium post yesterday morning, “Writing as Making” written by Paul Oh. Paul is a favorite educator and one of my earliest connectors (@poh) on twitter. He serves as a Senior Program Associate for the National Writing Project. … Continue reading

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Voice in Learning: Agency as Action Word

In the past few weeks, I’ve watched children, adolescents, and teens demonstrate what agency means. It’s a function of both informal and formal settings being available to learners. It’s implementation and impact. It’s face to face and virtual. It takes … Continue reading

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