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Thinking Beyond the School Box: Inspired Architecture + Contemporary Learning

I recently visited our newest multi-age space redesign in a small rural elementary school. When we began the process to modernize this school, we knew we had to design and build new space from the inside out.  The school had … Continue reading

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Beyond the Sky: Imagine That!

When learners get access to opportunities that allow them to pursue interests, find their learning passions, and develop agency, voice, and influence, we change the impossibilities of school as we have known it to possibilities that we have only dreamed. Continue reading

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Out of the Quicksand: It’s About Passion not Standardization

The President emphasized the words education and innovation in his State of the Union speech last week. In fact, he used both words in some form at least 10 times each- not necessarily in tandem. While I didn’t do a … Continue reading

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