#ACPSCAI15 : How Might We Dare to Change the World for Others

Do You Have the Albemarle App on your phone?

iphone appHow Might We Design Learning Experiences With Our Students’ Voices In Mind?

How might we engage in Instructional Design That Matters?

How Might We Bring Learning Experiences Alive?

About pamelamoran

Educator in Virginia, creating 21st c community learning spaces for all kinds of learners, both adults and young people. I read, garden, listen to music, and capture photo images mostly of the natural world. My posts represent a personal point of view on topics of interest.
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2 Responses to #ACPSCAI15 : How Might We Dare to Change the World for Others

  1. Deb Kearney says:

    Pam, Your questions get to the heart of teaching. Instructional design that does not center on student engagement misses the point of education. How do you keep your planning student centered?

    • pamelamoran says:

      Deb – it’s a strategic shift from planning for teaching to designing for learning – user experience is key as well as empathetic design as principle –

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